The Art of Wendy Powell
Western Canadian Wildlife Paintings
Western Canadian wildlife paintings by artist Wendy Powell.

Wendy Powell is an internationally acclaimed artist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her work has appeared in several one-person, group, juried, and international shows. She has released two limited-edition prints and has received many commissions.

Wendy became a full-time artist in 1993, when she moved her studio from Toronto to Calgary. Her work is found in private collections around the world.

The Moncton Children's Wish Foundation honored Wendy as the featured artist at their 100th Wish Celebration. She also was the featured artist at Etobicoke Ducks Unlimited's third annual fund-raising dinner.

The early years

Wendy grew up in the small northern Ontario community of Cochrane, 200 miles south of James Bay. With wilderness literally at her doorstep, it didn't take long for her to start sketching the surrounding beauty.

Her portfolio soon included wildlife, landscapes, and people. By the time Wendy finished high school, she had received several commissions, including a series of moose for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

At university, Wendy studied science and medicine and had little time for art. "Although I enjoyed science," she remembers, "I always knew it was just a matter of time before I returned to painting."

After receiving her Master of Science degree, Wendy picked up her paint brushes and never looked back. Her first amateur exhibition and first professional show both were held over—an astonishing feat for a new artist!

Wendy Powell with falcon painting.