The Art of Wendy Powell
Western Canadian Wildlife Paintings
Western Canadian wildlife paintings by artist Wendy Powell.

Wendy has two limited edition prints available for purchase. Printed on archival paper using offset lithography, each edition has only 250 prints. To buy these images on cards, prints, tee shirts, mugs, and other merchandise, please visit our online gift shop.

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The Snow Leopard (or Ounce) is a cat native to central and southern Asia. Its grey coat is covered with ringed spots and rosettes of black on brown. During the summer, this agile animal lives above the treeline where its fur pattern blends into the surrounding rocks.

When winter arrives, the long-tailed hunter descends to the forests in search of more plentiful prey. Its coat then turns white to provide more suitable camouflage.

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Snow Leopard
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Healthy birds need healthy feathers. Not only are feathers essential for flight, but they also keep the birds warm, dry, and attractive to mates. Our finely feathered friends stay that way by devoting much of their time to preening.

In dry areas, birds will dust themselves on the ground. Where water is available, though, most will opt for frequent baths. Proper feather care is a complex and lengthy process, so why not enjoy the chore!

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Bathtime – Canada Goose
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Image size: 25 x 15 in.
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